In attendance: Kevin Sutherland, Lea Fraser, Jake Forsyth, Chrissy Hernandez, Nathan Mollica, Laura Weber

@MIT: Gabi Serrato Marks, Eeshan Bhatt

Absent: Katie Samuelson

  • Email overload
    1. Eesh suggests setting up email filters
  • State of the Treasury (Chrissy)
    1. Preferred method for handling funding requests (we have already received many)
      1. Got a lot of emails about funding events, but they have slowed down
      2. If a rep has an issue with a funding request, they should express it (within 48 hours). Otherwise, it will be approved
      3. Question from Kevin: can we get a monthly budget update? Approximate percentage is fine. Chrissy says yes.
      4. Generally if they are less than $100, that is fine.
    2. Lea: When funding events, make sure it fits the mission of what we are supposed to fund
      1. Includes everyone, not singling anyone out, professional development, etc.
    3. Do people want to be copied on things, or just trust that someone has responded? (Chrissy)
      1. Lea, Chrissy, and Nathan need to be on all funding emails
    4. Size minimum for events?
      1. 10 people, not super strict on that
    5. Treasury update: Doing well on money, just got another $10k from ODGE ($10,000 + $1,500). APO funds do not carry over (~$1000), but social fund based at MIT does carry over, and has $2300 in it (purely social).
      1. Idea is to have $200 for each department to do a social event ($1000 total)
      2. Bio dept. social: Laura is planning a BYO-pumpkin carving event
      3. Department reps: think about what event to do to use the funding, don’t have to email it out to all reps for approval.
      4. Take into account first and 2nd years who are traveling when you plan your events.
      5. Some of this money needs to be set aside for big money spending things, like buffins
  • Possible buffins shake-up (Laura)
    1. Currently: 18 bagels at Quisset, 6 in village, 1 cream cheese at each place
      1. Too many buffins in the village right now? Maybe we should adjust every semester? Scientists eat them if it is after noon, which is good.
    2. Requesting additional funds ~2x per month to have a baked good or gluten free friendly dessert bars, etc, in addition to bagels. Why: Spice things up, add variety, especially for people who are traveling every T and Th. No charge for labor - Laura will make them.
    3. Eesh: I love buffins and fruits. Please don’t get rid of the fresh cream cheese… it is “baller”.
    4. Don’t eat all the buffins before the bus arrives.
  • Anyone unhappy/unfulfilled in their role wishing to barter for more/less responsibility
    1. Kevin and Jake: we haven’t done anything.
    2. Gabi and Nathan will make sure everyone knows what they are doing
  • Space Chair (Laura)
    1. Photo board in the student center: should 1 person do it all, or by department?
      1. Department reps will collect pictures. 1 person in the picture, have to be zoomed in on your face. Send the email by the end of the week. Put pictures in the Google drive
      2. Whatever you have by 10/21 will get printed
    2. Laura bought dish detergent.
    3. Everyone needs to help clean up - Laura will come up with a system for that if needed
    4. There is a list for requests, we will keep going with that
  • Housing update (Eesh)
    1. Fully transferred to Eesh now, but a few went through the cracks
    2. Jake is the backup person
  • Education Assembly- who will attend (same person(s) every time, rotate, etc)?
    1. Today, 10/12, at 3:30.
    2. Lea will request that it be on a Tuesday or Thursday some day
  • Emails to send out to jp-students list:
    1. From Chrissy: call for event proposals and reminders about reimbursement
      1. We got funded again by ODGE, showing proper way to do receipts, saying what we fund
    2. From Laura/Nathan: reminders about buffins/cleanliness
    3. Picture requests
    4. Piano (wait until we have more info on this)
    5. Eesh suggest an email digest, but most people say that is not a good idea.
  • Looking ahead: anything else that we need to get started on before November meeting?
    1. Request the cabins for the retreat by December?
    2. Kevin: planning to keep it mostly the same. Pizza and beverages. Jake is helping. Pizza will be picked up to save the delivery cost.
    3. Beverages from the bargain bin?
    4. We have a constitution, required by MIT, on the JP website but APO is not involved. We need to update it because we changed how we vote for reps. This is a formality.
    5. Friendly reminder from Lea. Sometimes people get mad if we are not following it.
    6. Gabi will check what we have and look at the MIT EAPS EGSAC version and send it out to everyone to look over. It was last updated in 2013.
    7. Read it by next meeting:
    8. We have no more room in the current shelving for theses. We need it to get done this year.
    9. WHOI based reps will figure out a spot for it
    10. Eesh: can we have a ladder. Gabi: no.
    11. The people want the piano tuned. Lea says it is not worth tuning because it isn’t in good shape. A lot of people have expressed interest.
    12. Eesh: how much is a piano? Free on craigslist?? Kevin and Jake are in charge.
      1. Are we sure we are allowed to get rid of the old one?
      2. Figure out how many people would play the piano
      3. Also figure out how to move it
      4. WHOI Carpenter services??
    13. Future meetings will be announced 1 week in advance (sorry)
    14. Nathan sends out the doodle poll
    15. Gabi will make a new document in the drive but will not send it out in an email